Annual Ceremony 2022 Held Successfully

“Today, we have made significant achievements in the accumulation of high-quality customer resources and project resources. Guided by the strategic direction of key customers, these well-known customers OSK that have cooperated at home and abroad are the biggest harvest of OSK efforts for many years. The progress of cooperation with Bugaboo has been a great victory for our team in the past year, and also a milestone event, which means that we have achieved phased breakthroughs and upgrades in the whole process service system and passed the customer inspection; It means that we have stood at a new height and new beginning. “Amazing response speed” and “determination to focus on improvement” are customers’ full affirmations of the execution and centripetal force of the OSK team. We also need to persevere and carry forward the spirit of OSK.”

“We have achieved preliminary results in the implementation of the strategy of the R&D platform. Benefiting from our unswerving strategic direction of building R&D as the core competitiveness, we have established the development goal of improving the service capacity of the R&D system, continued investment in the improvement of product realization technology, the construction of the R&D system, and the successful landing of several key projects such as Elittle, Chicco, Skiphop, and others which has greatly enhanced the trust of brand customers and industry reputation, and further helped customer expansion and industry status improvement. Several awards and honours won in product design are the product sentiment and craftsmanship spirit of OSK.”

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